Inner Strength Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates

Marie Bucher

B.Sc, B.App. Sc Physiotherapy

Graduating in Melbourne in 1990, Marie has over 30yrs experience in both the private and public sector, working and training both here and internationally before establishing Inner Strength Physiotherapy in Albury in 2005.

A recognition of the importance of continuous professional development has seen Marie complete significant post graduate training.  Of particular relevance to Marie’s current focus is her completion of all levels of DMA Clinical Pilates (Hong Kong and Auckland), a post grad certificate in Aquatic Physiotherapy, Real Time Ultrasound Imaging and McKenzie Spinal.

Marie’s focus is on providing a holistic, science based approach to assessment, treatment and management of your movement concerns.  Marie understands the need for a complete understanding of your health issues and her one on one sessions allow time for accurate assessment, treatment and establishment of outcome goals.

Marie has a  special interest in the management of low back, neck/shoulder and postural pain and for giving clients knowledge and individualised exercise programs to address both acute injury, chronic ailment or to those just seeking to improve their overall well being.


  • Physiotherapy – “Hands On” treatment

  • Movement Assessment and Treatments

  • Exercise Prescription

  • Individual or Small Group directional based exercise programs

  • Postural Assessment

  • Real Time Ultrasound Imaging

  • GLA:D program


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