Yoga Classes @ The Space-

The Yoga space is a fully equip, relaxed and welcoming space that is a comfortable temperature with natural airflow

Class numbers are limited to ensure that teachers are able to serve your individual needs

We offer a variety of style of yoga at The Space with experienced yoga teachers- our senior teachers are Physiotherapists with 20yrs experience, all of our teachers have either completed 500 hrs of training or are being mentored by our senior teachers.

Radiant Light Yoga

Radiant Light Yoga is a beautiful style of flowing yoga developed by Adam and Akash Bronstein:

It is a devotional, heart centred style of yoga in which asana (poses) are modified to suit the individual, making it a very safe for all ages and abilities

It enhances prana (energy) awareness and flow enhancing wellbeing and vitality

Radiant Light Yoga can connect you deeply to your true self, to Spirit and to all beings

It is a Vinyasa style of hatha yoga which means that you can reconnecting to Self through the breath for the whole session, flowing from pose to pose

By staying connected to the breath for the whole asana flow; the relaxation is profound and the journey Blissful and deep

Each 1.5hr class includes asana (poses), pranayama (breathing practices) & Shavasana (deep relaxation)

Radiant Light yoga (RL) classes are as follows:

  • Level 1-2 –  suitable for all, poses are adjusted to suit your needs. Thursday- 9.15am Sonia Spry, Friday-  6am  Shelly Fruend 
  • Level 1-2 /Somatic fusion – RL yoga class with Hanna Somatic Movement integrated within the flow Tuesday 9.15am, – Shelly Fruend
  • HSM/Gentle yoga- very gentle class, that incorporates Hanna Somatic Movement,  yoga, physiotherapy techniques, Sarah Keys back exercise and relaxation. Bookings required  and pre assessment may be necessary for this class. Monday 1.15pm & Thursday 11.15am-12.45pm Shelly Fruend
  • Prenatal Yoga – is a wonderful time to nurture yourself, strengthen your body in preparation for birth and connect to your growing baby. Suitable  from 14 weeks of pregnancy Thursday 5.30pm- 6.45pm Maree Petrow

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Other Hatha Yoga classes at The Space:

ajustment circle 400

Slow Flow with Katie Hillary

Beginner/ General Yoga class by Donation with Bob Dunnett 

Yoga with Mary

Mary’s yoga is basically Hatha but eclectic. The question in groups often can be “Have ever you done Mary’s yoga?”

It has its own flavour and considers the individual in the class environment.

Mary has trained in circus arts and pole dancing as well as yoga, studying and assisting with Donna Farhi after teaching Hatha for ten years or more. She has been a clinical kinesiologist and massage therapist.  Since 1990 she has practiced as a clinical kinesiologist and remedial massage therapist  So her understanding of movement dynamics and remedial range is part of the yoga experience in her classes.

Tuesday  11.15am- 1pm Mary’s Yoga restorative, 5.30pm-6.50pm Mary’s Evening yoga Practice starting March 6th. M- 0419501 756 or email

Ashtanga Vinyasa Level 1 Primary Series with Emily Lescun

Commencing Saturday 03/03/2018. (No class over Easter weekend)

This Level 1 course will run for 6 weeks, immediately followed by a teacher led Level 1 Ashtanga Primary Series practice. Pranayama and Yogic meditation will also be taught. Commitment for the first 6 weeks is required as it lays the foundations for yogic principles and a safe Ashtanga practice.

Completion of this course (or something similar) is necessary to continue into the level 2 primary series postures, which this class will evolve into.

This class is suitable for beginners to Ashtanga and intermediate practitioners who wish to consolidate and refresh.

Bookings are essential as the class will not run if there are not sufficient numbers.  Please book via Email

Beginner Vinyasa With Emily Lescun

Dru yoga – Margot Smith & Zoe Mason 

Wellbeing with ease. One of the most effective antidotes to the stress of modern day living. Dru’s flowing style is designed for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. It’s graceful yet powerful sequences help you relax, re-energise, ease back pain and feel great. Monday 10.30-12noon – Margot Smith. Tuesday 7pm-8.30pm- Zoe Mason Contact Margot 0400723476 or email

Restorative Yoga Sunday 2 hr workshops – Maree Petrow 

This class is a nourishing practice where the body is placed in lush, supported positions using a variety of props. As the body yields to the support  the nervous system is calmed, physical tension and stress melt away and the mind becomes still and quiet. This class is open to men and women and no yoga experience is necessary.   Please contact Maree on 0419014709 or email 

Other Classes at The Space 

Hanna Somatic Movement and gentle yoga Shelly Fruend

These classes are suitable for anyone wishing to find more efficient movement, whether to hike a mountain or run a marathon or manage chronic back pain. Thomas Hanna developed this system of sensory motor learning to gain greater voluntary control of ones ‘Soma’/ ‘being’. Hanna Somatic Movement Series is a great adjunct to your fitness, training, yoga & wellness routine.  These classes are suitable to people with injuries though a pre- assessment may be be beneficial. Contact Shelly 0402 220 274 or email. See Martha Peterson  website for more information about Thomas Hanna Somatics

Pilates Mat Classes with Marie Bucher 

 Meet our yoga teachers