Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a physiotherapy treatment that combines assessment, recent spinal stability research and Pilates exercises.

Everyone’s spine moves and behaves differently. Injury, pain, repetitive movements and postures can result in muscle imbalance/weakness and cause ongoing or increased pain.

During your sessions you may require hands on treatments and then an assessment will allow us to teach you the best exercises for your body. These exercises will challenge your motor control, train muscle groups in functional patterns to help it work safely and more efficiently and improve posture, balance and body mechanics.

Pilates exercises are a series of controlled movements which take the body in the direction it needs to go and focus’s on improving stability, flexiblity, core strength and body awareness, allowing you to support efficient body movement.

Pilates exercises can be performed in our studio on specifically designed spring-resisted equipment (pilates reformer and trapeze table), on the floor (mat work) or using equipment such as resistance bands, balls or balance boards to challenge the body further.

Clinical Pilates can benefit:

  • Recovery from acute spinal injury

  • Chronic back or neck pain

  • Rehabilitation post spinal surgery

  • Poor posture

  • During and After Pregnancy

  • Sports injury recovery

  • Arthritis Sufferers


Clinical Pilates at The Space is offered by Marie Bucher as part of a client’s physiotherapy management.

Marie also offers Small Group Clinical Pilates sessions held in the Pilates Studio for clients wanting to manage their health and wellness.

Screening Sessions

This is a standard physiotherapy session that enables the identification of areas that you may need to focus on, learn how to activate muscle groups correctly, so that you can achieve the best results from your exercise classes.

This session is essential prior to commencing any group/equipment class to also allow time to be shown how to safely and effectively use the Pilates studio and other exercise equipment. It allows for establishment of an individualised exercise program.

The session is also highly recommended prior to starting floor/mat classes.

Individual Exercise/Treatment Sessions

This is the best way to achieve your rehabilitation/fitness/health goals. Following an initial physiotherapy assessment we are able to establish a program that addresses your needs and goals. Supervision at all times by a Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapist makes sure that you perform all movements correctly and at the right level for your ability/fitness.

Group Classes

  • Floor/Mat Classes

    These classes are designed to keep you motivated and improve your awareness of your posture and how your body is moving. Although run by a physiotherapist, they are not designed to address an individual injury but, as class sizes are kept small, exercises can be modified to meet individual needs. No prior Pilates experience is required and the class caters for all levels of fitness. These sessions can not be claimed under group physiotherapy.

  • Equipment Exercise Circuits

    These circuit classes use the Pilates studio equipment, (Reformer and Trapeze), to give a more targeted work out. Again, although run by a physiotherapist, they are not designed to address an individual injury but attending the screening session prior to commencing can allow a more targeted program

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