Meet Our Teachers

Marie Bucher – Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates

Marie’s focus is on providing a holistic, science based approach to assessment, treatment and management of your movement concerns.  Marie understands the need for a complete understanding of your health issues and her one on one sessions allow time for accurate assessment, treatment and establishment of outcome goals.

Marie has a  special interest in the management of low back, neck/shoulder and postural pain and for giving clients knowledge and individualised exercise programs to address both acute injury, chronic ailment or to those just seeking to improve their overall well being.

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Shelly Fruend – Radiant Light yoga teacher

Yoga and Somatic movement has been an integral part of my life for 20 plus years now, I often remind myself that ‘I am a work in progress’ I and gratefully accept my tendencies to do!
Yoga & Somatic movement have been a constant vehicle to remember the joy, light and radiance of my being, to enjoy be-ing and realise that I am enough and that only Love is real. Yoga is a gift and its ability to transform continues to amaze and enthral me. On and off the mat, my commitment to this path has given me tools to witness life’s ups and downs, and to remember the importance of balancing giving and receiving.  I am grateful daily for my practice.

Over the 14 yrs of sharing yoga with others I have studied with and am inspired by  Radiant Light Yoga, &  Lisa Petersen,  Over the last 5 years I have been studying Hanna Somatic Movement with Lisa Petersen and Mathra Peterson. I am currently in my 2nd year of  3 yrs of Clinical Somatic training with Essential Somatics. My practice is now a integrated mix of Hanna Somatic Movement and Yoga.

These somatic practices couples with the skills learned from practicing Physiotherapy for 25 years provides an amazing platform to explore the body moving.

I am continually amazed by the wisdom of the heart, by the ability of the ‘soma’/’ being’ to transform and to change, no matter in what state it begins or how young!  I love this journey of life and how the gift of yoga enriches it & assists me to flow with change.
I endeavour to always dive deep into my practice and self; to serve from this place of inquiry- creating a safe, nurturing, open space for others to witness their radiant being.

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Maree Petrow – Radiant Light yoga teacher

maree marocco website copy Maree has had a passion for yoga for over 15 years. A devoted yogini, lover of nature, vegetarian cooking  (specialising in baking), gardening and camping. Since childhood, Maree has had a deep connection with and love of nature. The practice of yoga is all about nurturing ourselves mentally, spiritually, and physically. Over time, her spiritual practice has become a beautiful part of daily life.
Dedicated to her own practice Maree is deeply grateful to share what she has learnt from her teachers, students and the environment. A certified Radiant Light Yoga teacher and registered member of Yoga Australia Maree feels privileged to share the gift of yoga through teaching.
A class with Maree focuses on body – breath movement, alignment and relaxing the mind. Come find a balance of effort and ease and enjoy a grounding class that weaves

poses together in a safe and playful way.  You should look forward to a wholesome class much like the food she loves to cook and share!

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Amy Vaccaro

Amy is the founder, owner and content creator of Chill Mama Wellness, an Australian Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Childbirth Educator along with being a wife and Mum of two boys.  Amy has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, universities, private practice clinics and yoga studios and have been learning and working in healthcare since 2001.

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Brett Jenkins

More than thirty years ago, I was drawn to study, practice and teach Hu-She-Do Kung Fu, because I recognised that developing mind, body, and spirit in harmony with each other was at the centre of the philosophy of the style, which has been my philosophy and desire since I was a kid running wild in the hills of Baranduda and Bethanga.

Hu-She-Do and my masters Geir and EysteinFokstuen then led me to further study healing arts, so I completed a Certificate of Remedial Massage in 2002, and a Diploma of Eastern Massage in 2004, and I have been bringing the benefits of these massage therapies to clients since then. I have also had the privilege to share these skills through teaching at Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) and in private workshops.

In 2011 I completed training as a Pilates instructor, and have been working with clients recovering from injury and trauma, and those interested in general fitness and wellbeing through Ainslie Pilates and Yoga in Canberra.

Now working at The Space on David St in Albury, I bring the knowledge and skills acquired from each of these fields together to facilitate the ongoing recovery and growth of the clients I work with.