Meet our Teachers

Bob Dunnett RYT 200- Multistyle 2014 Trimurti yoga Dharamasala 

bob snd chicken

I began yoga in 2007 and it is a constantly evolving, beautifully challenging and rewarding relationship which I feel privileged to have undertaken and share .

I love the mind, body and universe connection of yoga which opens us up towards a healthy, fulfilling and happy life both off and on the mat . I encourage students to gently find and explore their edge in a safe, encouraging, non judgemental environment. 75% of class earnings are donated to All hands Nepal aid organisation.

Bob teaches Level 1/ beginners yoga  on Monday 6.30pm by Donation


Cate Geard – Radiant Light Yoga Level 2 teacher 

FullSizeRenderNamaste, I’m Cate!
Welcome to this little space to get to know me a little more!
I embarked on full-time personal, daily Yoga practice in Spring 2010, as I began Radiant Light Yoga Teacher Training, graduating in Winter 2012. And it was not a moment too soon!
Introduced to Yoga at the age of 19, this ancient art-form allows me to continually and progressively delve into the inner space, to feel, accept, know,  grow and understand where I am, who I am, and connect with the rest of the world in lots of creative ways.
I love dwelling in that feeling of relaxed, joyful alertness!
My regular asana practice has shown me that with hard work, coupled with deep relaxation, the body and mind can grow and change into new, uplifting, positive ways, which I once believed were beyond my reach!
I’m enjoying expressing myself at the moment through solo and group spontaneous dance, with lots of yoga moves in the mix, of course; piano playing; yoga singing – kirtan – and singing with the kids, especially in the car; crafting Nature Mandalas; being with friends; walking the hills of our home amongst the trees; observing and being with animals; and sewing with colourful materials. My latest offering is Chakra Prayer flags.
I invite you to class to experience a shared practice that strengthens and balances the body, opens the heart, and uplifts the spirit. OM SHANTI, Love Cate x

Cate facilitates Kirtan on the 3rd Friday of the month 

Emily Lescun – Ashtanga Series 1 & 2, Vinyasa beginners

Hello. My name is Emily

I’m like all of us – a human being, living life, with ups and downs, raising my 2 children, striving to contribute to and support my immediate and our larger community in a positive way. I am a lover of nature, gardening, my kids and music, all of which nourish and connect me to a vibration of loving life.

On refection, I don’t see a time when I ‘started’ yoga, I see that it has been there since my earliest memories. In those moments when I knew there was a place within me that was beyond the tangible. Those glimpses when I was experiencing what felt like magic. Life. Love. Unbound. Pure potential.

I started dedicating my self to a daily meditation/ yoga practice in 2011, when someone very close to me was diagnosed with cancer and in that strange moment when death felt close, there was an unwavering knowing that I wanted to fully love, and appreciate and experience the beauty of this precious life. This, for me meant a dedication to spirit.

In 2013, over 10 months, I completed level 1, 200 hr teacher training with Gregor Maehle and Monica Gucci, highly regarded Ashtanga yoga teachers. It was amazing! In 2016 I completed the level 2 intensive 300 hr teacher training with them in Bali. Wow, I am so grateful for that time and for such dedicated, inspiring teachers.

I love teaching at The Space. Shelly has been a wonderful mentor through my yoga teaching journey, and I love what she and all the teachers have created there.

I look forward to sharing with you my love of yoga and these ancient practices that reveal the wisdom within.

Emily teachers Sat 8am – Ashtanga Vinyasa Level 1 Primary  Series & 9.45am Beginner Vinyasa, Sat from 3/3/ 18


Katie Hillary – Slow Flow
compassionate thinking, compassionate living

I have always been drawn to natural therapies and first tried yoga in my late teens, busting out into a down dog on my parents living room floor, not knowing where my head was in relation to my Ass-ana!

Some years later after the birth of my first child life started to excelerate. I needed something to help me slow – I found yoga again and with a regular practice I noticed the calmness and clarity I

experienced at the end of each class. This sparked my interest to delve deeper into the teachings of Yoga.

I want to share the sense of grounding and spiritual awarness that I have found through Yoga, by offering a slow flow vinyasa class. The class will have a emphasis on building strength and a deep connection with breath while moving with presence. My belief is that the practice is for everbody and I seek to help others nuture their mind, body and soul through yoga.

All levels of experience are welcome.

Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching (350hrs) Australian Yoga Academy, 2017.

”It’s not the ability to stand on your head, but the ability to control what is going on in your head that makes an effective practioner”.  Dominque Salerno (beloved teacher and mentor)

Katie teaches Slow Flow on Wednesday at 6am


Maree Petrow – Radiant Light yoga teacher 

maree marocco website copy Maree has had a passion for yoga for over 15 years. A devoted yogini, lover of nature, vegetarian cooking  (specialising in baking), gardening and camping. Since childhood, Maree has had a deep connection with and love of nature. The practice of yoga is all about nurturing ourselves mentally, spiritually, and physically. Over time, her spiritual practice has become a beautiful part of daily life.
Dedicated to her own practice Maree is deeply grateful to share what she has learnt from her teachers, students and the environment. A certified Radiant Light Yoga teacher and registered member of Yoga Australia Maree feels privileged to share the gift of yoga through teaching.
A class with Maree focuses on body – breath movement, alignment and relaxing the mind. Come find a balance of effort and ease and enjoy a grounding class that weaves poses together in a safe and playful way.  You should look forward to a wholesome class much like the food she loves to cook and share!


Maree teaches Prenatal yoga on Thursdays at 5.30pm,


Margot Smith, Dru yoga teacher 


My yoga journey began in 2001 and my first teacher inspired me to learn the art of “Being”.  Even though I went to classes for back problems, I soon realised that Yoga was not just about postures. The breathing, relaxations and philosophy that our kind and caring teacher shared gave me a taste of inner peace. This was what I was truly searching for after my life changing experiences a year before.

I have gone from living a bitter life to a better life. Yoga is not something I do, it is how I breathe, speak, listen, express and live my life. Teaching Yoga and Meditation is a fulfilling way to share what has been so helpful and transformative for me. I love helping others to create their own personal toolkit for health, wellbeing, inner peace and self discovery

Margot teaches Dru yoga on Monday at 10.3oam

Mary Pechacek

Mary’s yoga is basically Hatha but eclectic. The question in groups often can be “Have ever you done Mary’s yoga?”

It has its own flavour and considers the individual in the class environment.

Mary has trained in circus arts and pole dancing as well as yoga, studying and assisting with Donna Farhi after teaching Hatha for ten years or more.  Since 1990 she has practiced as a clinical kinesiologist and remedial massage therapist  So her understanding of movement dynamics and remedial range is part of the yoga experience in her classes.

A lover of trekking and self supported wilderness expeditions, her yoga experience has included leading yoga adventure retreats, her favourite being several camel treks in the Lake Torrens region. Restorative yoga and intensive urban practice retreats are part of her history of yoga teaching.

That tells you a bit about her and  her yoga style. On a personal note, Mary started yoga at age 16 in 1967 when she sustained  a neck injury in a car accident which left her with continual pain.  After purchasing a pocket size self help yoga book at the local chemist, she put yoga to practice to restore her health.  This included a white light experience which reminds her even today that yoga has many facets, the physical postures only one of them.

The classes are fun, restorative,  a personal workout and designed for you to make yoga part of your life on and off the mat with your own yoga practice.

 Mary teaches Mary’s restorative Tuesday 11.15- 1pm and Mary’s evening yoga practice Tuesday 5.30pm- 7.50pm 

Shelly Fruend Radiant Light yoga teacher

Yoga and Somatic movement has been an integral part of my life for 20 plus years now, I often remind myself that ‘I am a work in progress’ I and gratefully accept my tendencies to do!
Yoga & Somatic movement have been a constant vehicle to remember the joy, light and radiance of my being, to enjoy be-ing and realise that I am enough and that only Love is real. Yoga is a gift and its ability to transform continues to amaze and enthral me. On and off the mat, my commitment to this path has given me tools to witness life’s ups and downs, and to remember the importance of balancing giving and receiving.  I am grateful daily for my practice.

Over the 14 yrs of sharing yoga with others I have studied with and am inspired by  Radiant Light Yoga, &  Lisa Petersen,  Over the last 5 years I have been studying Hanna Somatic Movement with Lisa Petersen and Mathra Peterson. I am currently in my 2nd year of  3 yrs of Clinical Somatic training with Essential Somatics. My practice is now a integrated mix of Hanna Somatic Movement and Yoga.

These somatic practices couples with the skills learned from practicing Physiotherapy for 25 years provides an amazing platform to explore the body moving.

I am continually amazed by the wisdom of the heart, by the ability of the ‘soma’/’ being’ to transform and to change, no matter in what state it begins or how young!  I love this journey of life and how the gift of yoga enriches it & assists me to flow with change.
I endeavour to always dive deep into my practice and self; to serve from this place of inquiry- creating a safe, nurturing, open space for others to witness their radiant being.

Shelly teaches RL yoga on Friday 6am, Integrated Somatics/yoga Tuesday at 9.15am, Hanna somatic movement /gentle yoga Monday at 1.15pm,  Thursday 11.15am


Sonia Spry, Radiant Light yoga teacher 

sonI remember going to the odd yoga class here & there during my teens & after Uni but I really only started to connect with it when I attended my 1st Radiant Light class in Queensland 10 years ago. I loved the movement aspect of the class – the way Radiant Light yoga emphasises adapting the pose to the person rather than the person to the pose, this made perfect sense to me as a Physio & particularly with my background in re- educating movement. I loved the link between breath & movement, the flowing style, the balance between strength & surrender in a pose & particularly the space yoga allowed for my very busy head to be still, quiet & listen! I was hooked.

I have been practicing yoga regularly now for 9 years & completed my Radiant Light yoga teacher training in 2012 under the guidance of our teachers in Queensland Adam & Akash Bornstein & our mentor closer to home, Shelly Fruend. This was an intense 14 months but I’m thankful for all I gained along the way. I love how yoga can be dynamic & challenging yet feel perfectly aligned with my soul.

I’d like to offer my yoga classes as an accessible vehicle to find stillness in the mind through movement of the body and to build strength & flexibility of both body & mind in a safe, supportive space.

Sonia teaches RL yoga on Thursday at 9.15am 


Zoe Mason – Dru Yoga Teacher 

Since commencing my yoga teacher training in Canberra in 2013 Dru yoga has become such a critical and crucial part of my life. I was originally drawn to yoga as a form of exercise that might help with my headaches and managing my stress levels but it was the mental quietness and physical vibrancy I felt both during and after class that kept me coming back for more! I also loved the immediate success achieved in a Dru class- the way it includes health considerations and stages of movements makes it available and achievable for all – no matter your age, flexibility nor experience.

Since incorporating yoga into my world daily I’ve see Dru work it’s magic in every aspect of my life –  my relationships, opportunities, and roles at work, in my family, with friends and most profoundly with myself, have all improved and strengthened as a result of my practice.

I’m really enthusiastic about sharing and teaching Dru yoga and aim to provide a nourishing class which contains the space to get out of your head, a time to connect in with your body and heart, and a moment of pure internal stillness.

Zoe Mason teaches Dru Yoga on Tuesdays at 7pm