Real Time Ultrasound

Real Time Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive way for both the therapist and client to view the deep muscle systems of the lumbo-pelvic region and see the contraction as it happens, to determine the quality, timing and endurance of the contraction.

Continuing pain, recurrent injury or postural issues can be the result of the deep muscle systems, in the stomach, back and pelvic floor, working poorly or incorrectly. Viewing the contraction as it happens gives valuable feedback when learning how to activate these inner units.

Specific exercises with the visual feedback can enhance core stability and improve motor control, as well as give knowledge of performance in the early stages of motor learning leading to correct activation, efficiency and strength long term.

Note: A Real Time Ultrasound Imaging session takes around 30 -45mins and is charged as physiotherapy, so can be claimed on private health insurance.

Inner Strength Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates